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C of Q Prep – March 8, 2022 (Ottawa)

C of Q Prep – March 8, 2022 (Ottawa)


About this course

Certificate of Qualification (C of Q) prep course is for apprentices that have completed all 3 levels of in-school training, completed all 5600 hours and are ready to challenge the Red Seal Exam.


The prep course is offered ONE TIME to current apprentices at no cost.


What is the Apprenticeship Program?

The Apprenticeship Program is the main program that combines the on-the-job training hours and in-school training hours to complete a total of 5,600 hours.


The Apprenticeship Program will typically last between 3 to 5 years, assuming that the Apprentice is on-the-job for 10 months and 2 months in-school.


In-school has three levels: Basic, Intermediate & Advanced.


To start the Apprenticeship Program, the Apprentice must become a Registered Apprentice.

What is an Apprentice and how do I become an one?

An Apprentice is a person (or position) in a trade who is getting on the job training from a skilled worker (employer) while getting paid.


To become an Apprentice, as mentioned above, you are looking for a job in the trade who are hiring Apprentice Positions.


Some may start of as labourers before getting promoted to an Apprentice Position, because just like in any jobs, employers like to test out your work ethics and potential before promoting you.

What is a 'Registered Apprentice'?

This means that your skilled worker (employer) has Registered you as their Apprentice with the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development.


You, your employer and the Ministry will sign a “Training Agreement” to start your Apprenticeship Program. The Training Agreement is an important document that should be kept safely so that when you apply for any government grants, you can use it as proof that you are a Registered Apprentice.


Visit the ministry website to get a step by step on how to start your apprenticeship!

How can I learn more about the Apprenticeship in Ontario

You can visit the Government of Ontario website, https://www.ontario.ca/page/apprenticeship-ontario



Review contents from all three levels of schooling and practice writing tests and worksheets